ITM FASHION is a company specializing in the production of knitted outerwear, fine / medium-end women and men, fashion and leisure.

Our garments are made of fine knitted fabrics, from light and transparent jersey, to jersey and piquet and interlock makò filoscozia, to the most consistent bases like shaved sweatshirts and coupled, with particular attention to stretch versions. The fibers are predominantly natural, cotton, cachemire, wool, linen, silk and organic materials.

Our strong point is the ability to guarantee garments and exclusive attires to each of our customers, our affirmation of a national and international character is due to this characteristic.

Our proposals, women and men, are the starting point for customizations, transformations, to make the product exclusive and "made to measure".

Our garments follow a path of modernity, without being bound by the changes more exasperated by fashion, made with quality materials, designed to last over time, with the care and attention of a craft product, with attention to detail and quality with the pure essence of the real made in Italy from the project to the realization of the garment.


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