Matherial Proposals
In addition to our proposals, we offer a selected range of fabrics and accessories, made by the most reliable suppliers, evaluating the best quality-price-price ratio.

Realization of the pattern from the idea and from the design of the Client or from the reference sample leader. The paper pattern can be supplied in paper form or digitized with our computer system (cad Lectra Investronica).

The realization of the prototype makes it possible to verify the exact fit, the possible modeling improvements and the finishing of the garment, for the preparation of the series of samples or directly for production.
Through the prototype we can have an approximate indication of consumption and production costs.

Following the siphoning of the prototype head follows the production of sample garments and sample series. For garments that require treatments (garment dyes, washes ...) we calculate any material drops and increase the models of the percentage of increase required, based on the fabric restorations.

Size developments
Following the Customer's requests, we carry out the model sizes development and realize the placement for the cut, optimizing the consumption at best (Lectra Investronica cad).

We also make small production lots. The entire production cycle is followed with the utmost care and attention, from cutting to shipping the garment, guaranteeing quality and precision of the true Made in Italy product, guaranteeing agreed production times.

The processing takes place in our laboratory, employing specialized and experienced staff, through constant and continuous control during the various stages of processing, in order to obtain an undisputed degree of quality that allows the customer the advantage of not receiving returns of goods, and increase your quality target.

Prints, applications, treatments
With the collaboration of specialized laboratories we can complete the garments with your personalizations: hand-painted and airbrushed with natural colors, silk-screen prints, four-color, digital, fock embroidery of subjects with traditional stitches or laser processing, sequin applications, cornely embroidery. Hand-applied stones and accessories.Applications swarosky garment treatments, washes and dyes with various techniques.

The ironing takes place mainly by hand with iron ironing or steam tables or with dummies, depending on the characteristics of the garment and the final appearance desired by the customer.


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